What We Believe In

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Our aim is to put our unique experiences and expertise gained over a period of time at the service of our clients.

We aim to support our clients in achieving their business goals and targets. The main advantage of dealing with a firm that is not big and bogged down by red tape is that top level professionals will  be easily accessible. We strongly believe in providing highly professional services but at a significantly lower cost than big firms. To this end, we perform continuous research into how to reduce our costs while maintaining a competitive level of professional service.

Famous Quote: “Many will call me an adventurer, and that I am...only one of a different sort: one who risks his skin to prove his truths.” ― Ernesto (Che) Guevara


Tax - The scary bit

Can it be said that the tax system throughout the world is repressive!..  Application of the law Tax laws tend to be repressive in (almost

Our Main services

Our main services include Auditing, Accounting and Taxation. Other services include the following:  Tax advice; Assistance in tax

Firm's Values

We commit to provide competent, dependable and efficient services to all we serve. We value honest, informative and useful communication