Yajnyandra Nath Varma FCCA DFPFM PhD - Partner

Yajnyandra Nath Varma (Yash) founded Navy and Yan in January 2005 after having been in public practice for more than eighteen years. Prior to setting up the firm, he held supervisory and managerial positions in Deloitte & Touche and KPMG respectively. He has some 35 years' of experience in the accounting and audit profession having conducted the audit of a wide range of companies operating in diversified fields, including banks, insurance, sugar, telecommunication, manufacturing, retailing and wholesaling, textile, import and export, global business, investment funds, vehicle imports and sale, government and parastatal as well as non-profit organisations. Apart from accountancy, tax and audit, his fields of specialisation also include consulting, management and training. His articles have been published in a number of magazines including “Accounting & Business” the professional journal of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA). Yash has also acted as the training manager of one of the biggest accountancy firms worldwide and has had significant training experience in South Africa. He also holds the KPMG “Global Presentation Skills and GenericTrain the Trainer” certificate awarded by the KPMG Africa Board. Under Navy and Yan, he has also successfully defended his clients in a number of difficult tax cases. Yash is basically an autodidacte.

A bit of history ......

Yash is a past student of the New Eton College, Rose Hill, one of the oldest private secondary school of Mauritius, recognized for its dynamic methods of advancing education. He had never studied Accountancy during his school days. Nonetheless, he decided to sit for the professional ACCA exams after completing secondary education which proved to be a major gamble as he did not know anything about accountancy. He actually had no interest in Accountancy, being mostly interested in Science and Technology, Social Sciences, Law and Research. He had chosen a very unusual combination of subjects at "A" Level which were Mathematics, Economics and Sociology and his ambition was to study Criminology at University Level.  He initially tried his hand at Computer Studies and managed to pass the City & Guilds of London exams with Distinction at first attempt in 1982. After facing unemployment for around 3 years, he joined the civil service in 1985 but decided to resign after less than 2 years. Due to limited resources, self-studying for the professional ACCA exams was the only credible and affordable option of the time. He self studied for the ACCA exams while working full time at Kemp Chatteris Deloitte & Touche, which was the oldest Accountancy firm in Mauritius, and managed to pass through the finals after a few years of struggle. He was admitted as a Member of the ACCA and subsequently moved to Fellowship of the Association. After 9 years with Deloitte & Touche, he joined KPMG as an Audit and Training Manager where he stayed for another 9 years. 

As a student of the New Eton College, Yash had witnessed the struggle of students in the 70s which was marked by various unrests including the  1975 Mauritian student protests whereby the riot police beat up and arrested a number of students of the College. He thus obtained valuable life experience at a very young age which would help him throughout his personal and professional life. Fall 2004, he faced a very difficult challenge but managed to turn the tide which ultimately triggered the foundation of Navy and Yan.

Languages (spoken and/or acquainted with): English, French, Hindi, Mauritian Creole, Bhojpuri, Urdu, Hakka Chinese (elementary proficiency), Russian (elementary proficiency), Sanskrit (elementary proficiency)

Famous quote: If you want to shine like a sun, first burn like a sun. ...A.P.J Abdul Kalam (Former President of India)

Cell : (230) 5862-8066