When you get kicked out by your own employee!

Some may get a sense of pride working for a big organization, even if that would mean virtual slavery. Others would prefer to be their own boss, even if it means sleeping only 4 hours per night!

If you read the financial statements of large corporations, you may always find huge revenues but you may also, in many cases, find huge losses. People take a lot of risks when they try to expand beyond what they can control, and sharks like big banks will always be around to eat up your residual profits in the form of "finance charges". It is crazy how people get to take uncalculated risks. 

On the other hand, there are many small businesses with decent revenue but very high profits that ultimately get into the pocket of the shareholder as diposable income. All this with  much lower risk taking.

Think about the risks you take when building up a business from scratch and making it big.............. but getting kicked out of that same business you had put in so much of your own time and effort!

Here's the story........

"Big Bosses" have sometimes found themselves being kicked out of their organization by those who were once their employee. There is a "true"story about the Senior Partner (the Big Boss) of a Big firm of Accountants who  went on a holiday overseas but who was not allowed access to his office when he returned from his trip. He was asked to go home by the gateman who would not let him in! His position had been taken over by his once Junior Partner. Everything had changed. The sky was no longer blue. It had turned red suddenly. He was not even allowed to go inside to pick up his personal belongings. Even his (physical) office had been hijacked by the Junior Partner. How this was done is yet another story. He had not been informed by anyone that he was no longer the boss. No communication whatsoever from a firm of professionals, that was after all, not so professional, it seemed. The poor man had surely taken a lot of risk in building up the business and bringing it to the peak. The final return was pathetic!

There are a lot of such stories around the globe. What should we learn from these stories?